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Use FLOORBALL to Dry Land Floorball is the biggest indoor sport in northern Europe and it is continuosly getting bigger all over the world.  In many countries it has become one of the most popular sports for physical exercise, offering various levels for all types of people


Regardless of format and playing surface, the sport of hockey captures the hearts of its participants, educators and spectators worldwide.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to introduce, develop and ultimately grow the sport of Floorball Hockey through-out the United States - as a stand-alone "League Sport" for all age groups and skill levels.

Additionally, we will introduce Floorball Hockey as a skill-enhancement sport to further the development of ice and roller hockey players; teams; and coaches, by introduction an enjoyable, inexpensive, dry-land form of hockey.  In turn, the implementation of Floorball Hockey can/will enhance fundamentals, strengthen skill sets, improve game strategies and create efficiencies in time management.

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Above all, Floorball Hockey is FUN. It's great for ALL ages; and does not require players to learn to ICE or ROLLER SKATE! For those players that have ice and/or roller hockey experience, it's an awesome skill enhancer that will further develop stick-handling, eye-hand coordination and game-playing decision making.

Floorball Hockey is an amazingly fun and fast-paced variation of the sport of HOCKEY. It resembles Floor or Street but has evolved into an organized league sport that requires specialized, light-weight, "carbon fiber" Floorball Hockey sticks. In addition, there are specific rules implemented to promote safety, sportsmanship and cross-over skill enhancement.


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