Brief Intro to Football

Football and Gears. Football itself has been one of the longest played game possible of all times. It may be a bit difficult to find out about the exact time and date of the invention of this game because people around the world during the ancient period have been playing it under different name and rules. But it is still basically the game of kicking balls. The Chinese is said to have been playing it since the period of 300 BC. While the Aztecs which resides in the America also claimed have been playing similar game during that period as well. Until finally on the modern day the legal rules of the football have been agreed on and is used as the rules of football which we nowadays are using when we are playing football. Football and Gears That You Need to Know

Why Need Football Gears?

In the past, during the period of Middle Ages when the father of the family would join the army and heads off to war, the children would usually participate in the “Football War” in their neighborhood as well. At the time, a lot of children often got injured due to the lack of legal rules in the football game. Some injuries are quite serious until the game at the time was called the “the mob soccer”. However, since the legal rules of football have been set, the gears for playing football are starting to make their appearances on the market as well. As this sport is known for its harshness and quite a bit physical. Injuries has become quite common in playing this sport because of its high “Physical” contact among each football players. Therefore, the demand on the football gear has been improving through the passage of time as well in order to provide protection and flexibility in preventing injuries when playing this exciting yet dangerous game. The football gear is not only made for the purpose of protection but also for the purpose of representing the unity of a football team. Variation of Football Gears

Variation of Football Gears 

As the time goes by, the variation of football gears are also getting more and more complex. There are also many variation of football gears are available for choosing in the market. And due to the many variations of the gears, it not only provides us with more option of choosing it but also provides us with more headache of choosing it as well. So what are the variation of football gears we can find nowadays? Here are the following football gear you can find on the nearest sport store:

  • Football Footwear

Regardless of the field position you are playing as, you would need a proper football footwear. The reason is because without the proper football footwear, you would not be able to have your foot planted thus it is not possible for you to improve in a football game. There are two types of football footwear available for choosing nowadays. They are indoor and outdoor football footwear. The indoor football footwear or football shoes are made of a material which is more firm than a regular standard sneaker and they are also flat bottomed. For the outdoor version of football wear, Outdoor football wear comes with a firm, hard, and wet fields. The outdoor type sometimes also have the removable cleats which allow you to change it into a new one when few studs may wore off early. (Want to see the new “hitter” from England Premier League? Click here)

  • Football Shin Guards

Soccer Shin guards are used to prevent the injury of shin area of the body. This equipment is highly recommended when you are about to play football as most of the actions involved when playing the sport is in this area. Without proper protection and skill, there is a high risk chance of injury in this body area.

  • Football Socks

The socks are used to placing the shin guard in the right place and they are part of the complete soccer uniform. In the current modern era, the football socks come with many options for colors.

  • Football Shorts

The fashionable baggy shorts is not the real solution for football shorts. The good football shorts are flexible and not restrictive in the movement of the lower body. The football shorts also must have the durability which could endure the extreme treatment of the sport. The sport always comes with the sliding, falling down, and diving. Therefore it is not recommended to use shorts made of thin and soft materials.

  • Football Jersey

The football jersey is the uniform which u usually used when you play football or watch a football game. This is usually just the uniform which represent the unity of your team.

  • Football Goalkeeper Gear

The gear of a goalkeeper position is a little bit different compared to the other position in the football game. A goalkeeper need to wear special goalkeeper gloves which would allow them a better grip on the ball. Goalkeeper also usually wear either long or short pants with padding. The purpose of the padding is to prevent the goalkeeper to suffer from injuries caused by their numerous amount of diving when guarding the goal. The jersey of a goalkeeper is also different than a normal jersey. The goalkeeper jersey has padding on the elbow which is capable of reducing the falling impact when they land with their body first.

Choosing the Right Football Gear

Choosing the Right Football Gear

When you are trying to find a right football gear to play football, you need to remember that you are aiming for the equipment which would improve your performance and enhance your prowess in the game. It is recommended for you not to choose style over the durability of the equipment. The football is a “Harsh” sport which equipment with low quality would not be able to survive in this sport for long. Thus it is highly recommended for you to choose better standard quality in choosing a football gear even though the higher quality goods might come with a bit of an expensive price. Hopefully by reading this short article, you would be able to have a better understanding about football and football gear.