Tottenham Hotspur FC is one of the big six in English Premier League. In previous years, especially in 2000’s, they always finished in mid-table. Starting from early 2011 up until now, they always finish in the top tier of the league, managed to enter UEFA Europa League and Champions League. This is what made them the new hitters from England alongside Manchester City so the English Premier League (EPL) might have the fiercest competition across European soccer.

Current performance and position of Tottenham Hotspur

About the club

Tottenham Hotspur FC was first found in 1882 with the name of Hotspur Football Club. The club is originated from North East London, so they are the biggest rival of other EPL top tier club Arsenal FC that also comes from the same region. The club often times called as Spurs and has nickname which is The Lily Whites. The club’s logo is a cockerel standing above a ball with navy color. Spurs famous phrase or motto is Audere est Facere or To Dare is To Do. They were called new hitters because previously, they only won 1 trophy in 2008 and always considered as mid-table clubs. They first enjoy first tier of England football in 1920 and continue to fight in the top league up until now. The home base of Spurs is The White Hart Lane, which is undergoing a construction for a new stadium starting from 2017. So they play in Wembley for the rest of 2017-2018 season. The jersey used in 2017-18 season is coming from Nike after using Under Armour in three previous season. The main sponsor of the club is AIA, an insurance company which has been the Spurs’ main sponsor from 2014 until 2017-18 season. The club is owned by Daniel Levy, who is a genius man because he can manage to build new stadium and bring new player so Spurs can be at their current position and strength.

The player and gaffer of Hotspur

The player and gaffer

Focusing on 2017-18 player, Tottenham has top notch player comparable to those bigger clubs in the same league. The current manager of the club is Mauricio Pochettino who managed the club since 2014. His revolutionary way to promote youngster from Spurs’ U21 squad is quite successful and he became a manager that famous for utilizing young and academy players.  The signing of new player managed by him are also involve young players. New signing like Davinson Sanchez, Serge Aurier, and Juan Foyth are all belo 25 year old. In goalkeepers, Spurs has the France National Team captain, Hugo Lloris who is also the current Spurs captain, Paulo Gazzaniga, and Michel Vorm. In central defense, they have Eric Dier, Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen, and Davinson Sanchez. In side or wing backs, they have Serge Aurier, Dany Rose, Kierran Trippier, Kyle Walker-Pieters and Ben Davies. In holding and central midfielders, Spurs has Moussa Dembele, Victor Wanyama, Moussa Sissoko, and Harry Winks. In attacking midfielder, they have the fan favorite Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela, Heung Min Son, and Delle Alli. The forwards of Spurs are the prolific Harry Kane and Fernando Llorente. This squad performed exceptionally well in the last 3 years and their fans are hoping them to continue play in their current form so Spurs can always enter the UEFA Champions League.

The Tactics

Under Pochettino’s managerial career, Spurs mainly used two types of formation. The Main formation is 4-2-3-1 and the second is 3-4-2-1 which is quite new and used in late 2016-17 season up until now. When in 4-2-3-1 formation, the 4 defenders composed of 2 central defenders and 2 wing backs as supporting/defensive role. The 2 holding midfielders are needed to give support and defensive needs with the support as the bias. The 3 attacking midfielder usually composed of two wingers on the side that can penetrate enemy’s defensive line and one attacking creator which can distribute killer pass and dictates the tempo of the game. Then, the one forward is needed to finish off the supply given by the midfields. As for the 3-4-2-1 formation, the 3 back lines are all central defenders. The wing backs are pushed forward alongside with the two holding/central midfielders to prove depth and support. Then the two attacking midfielders behind lone striker are there to pose attacking threat. With high defensive line, Spurs plays quite boring soccer if seen by common people because Pochettino apply possession-style and slow build-up soccer. So, spurs will pass around the ball safely between the players starting from the back up to the forwards.


Current performance and position

Currently in 2017-2018 season, Spurs is now in 5th position behind Manchester City, Manchestere United, Chelsea, and Liverpool. Managed to beat Arsenal in 6th place, Spurs is currently ranking points and it is all thanks to the performance of Harry Kane. He is the top scorer up until January 2018 with 20 goals. The performance from Heung Min Son with his incisiveness, goals and assists are also a key part to Spurs’ performance. Complimented with the supply and key passes from Christian Eriksen and Delle Alli, and also strong defensive line managed by the holding midfielders and the central backs Jan Vertonghen and Davinson Sanchez, Spurs will aiming to finish at least 4th of the league so they can enter UEFA Champions League for three times in a row. The competition is also quite tough up until January 2018 because the points difference between 2nd until 5th places are only 6 points. Already passed the halfway mark of the league, the fans and the clubs are still optimistic to fight their way up to reach their goals.

As the new powerhouse from EPL, Spurs is often times considered as the weaker team amongst them. This is because they are lacking the financial capability and previous glories compared to other big hitters like Manchester duo, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool. But, in the next years we could see that Tottenham Hotspur FC will grow into bigger club and hold their status as one of the biggest soccer club in Europe.