Just like the title said, UEFA Champions League is a competition where all big clubs of football across the Europe compete each other to gain the ultimate supremacy over the continent. The clubs that compete in this competition are all high-end clubs from top league across the Europe. Currently, this is the most anticipated soccer competition due to the contestant that fights for the UEFA Champions League trophy. Here are the things you should know about the competition.

UEFA Champions League, a Place Where Giants Fights

Entering the Competition

Because it is the highest competition in Europe, the competition demands a qualification so only the top tier clubs can compete in UEFA Champions League. Almost all soccer league in Europe can enter this competition. The first thing that happens when a new season begins is qualification. Minor soccer league will send their champions to qualify in the first stage. Then the qualifier will be narrowed down and until the big hitters shown up. In Europe’s top league, a soccer club must stay in a specified ranking at the end of their local league, so the club can go through the league without having to go through qualification. For example, in Spanish, German, and English league, the clubs that finish between 1st until 3rd place will go straight into the competition, while the 4th place need to do one home and away match qualification with other European club that has passed the previous qualifying phase. Also, the previous winner of UEFA Champions League can enter the competition regardless of their ranking in their local league. After the qualifying round ends, there will be 32 teams from all of the Europe ready to fight for the ultimate soccer supremacy. agen sbobet terpercaya

Form of Competition

The competition usually started a couple weeks after the local league started. The 32 teams that have been selected will be divided into 8 groups. When putting the clubs into a group, the UEFA will hold a draw where there are 4 tier that represents the financial power and performance of the club in previous season. Tier 1 and 2 is where the big clubs from Europe’s top league gather, where tier 3 and 4 is usually filled with champions from minor league in European competition. But there are also big clubs that performed poorly in the previous season so they are categorized in tier 3 or 4. After that the club will compete every two weeks, where there will be 6 match day where each team in the group will meet twice. So it takes 12 weeks to complete the group stage. After that, the competition will take a break usually in December and then started the next phase, which is the knockout phase, usually in February. The winner and runner-up from each group will be drawn once again to decide the match-ups. While the third ranked club of the group will be sent to the lower competition, which is the UEFA Europa League. The knockout phase will use home and away system. This will continue until the competition reaches the final where there will be only 1 match played. The winner of UEFA Champions League will have a match with the winner of UEFA Europa League in the next season to win UEFA Super Cup.

Favorite clubs

Because it is the most prestigious soccer competition in Europe, probably in the world, there are clubs that always reach a certain phase of the competition. Europe’s top league performers are usually have the biggest chance to win the league. From English Premier League, you can expect clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea to be fan favorite. The, from Italia Juventus is still the number 1 club because in 2017, they reached the final and always dominate the local league. It goes the same for PSG or Paris Saint Germain from Ligue 1, France. From Germany, you can expect Bayern Munchen to win this prestigious trophy like they did before in 2013. From Spain there are 2 clubs that probably have bigger chance to win the competition because of their player and performance. Real Madrid has won three recent UEFA Champions League trophy which are the 2014, 2016, and 2017. The other team is Barcelona who has won the 2011 and 2015 trophy. Of course there are other big clubs that have big fan base and perform exceptionally well in their local league, but somehow they can’t compete well in higher competition like in UEFA Champions League so they usually end up in Semi-Final or lower phase.

The black horses In Champions League

The black horses

Aside from the competition favorites, of course there are other big clubs that almost participate in the competition in the last ten years but never win the title. These big clubs usually play high performance soccer in the local league but somehow can’t compete against bigger club from other league. From English Premier League, clubs like Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, and recently Tottenham Hotspur are always anticipated by soccer fans to compete in the competition. From Germany, they have Borussia Dortmund who reaches the final in 2013. From Spain, they have Atletico Madrid that play very well in local league and once reach final in 2014.  From Italia, they have Inter Milan, Napoli, and AS Roma. There are also other big clubs from lower tier league that almost enter the competition in every year. SL Benfica, Shaktar Donetsk, and Ajax Amsterdam are from Portugal, Ukraine, and Netherlands respectively. All of them usually won the local league. Monaco that won Ligue 1 in 2017 and reach semi-final of UEFA Champions League in the same year. From Spain, they have Sevilla that always play well in the UEFA Europa League after finished third in UEFA Champions League.

In general, this competition is the greatest soccer competition since European giants, which are arguably the best clubs around the world, will compete with each other. The match in this competition is always good because big clubs often times play attractive football. So, you shouldn’t miss a match of UEFA Champions League if you want to feel the ultimate thrill where big clubs of soccer fights and compete in one competition.